Nick Behling is an Engineer-in-Training and mechanical engineering master’s student, specializing in energy and sustainability, at Northwestern University. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Sustainable Energy Systems) from the University of Texas at Austin.

Nick's interests in engineering lie at the intersection of energy, water, and the environment. He caught the “energy bug” after studying abroad in Paris, France, where he learned of the intricate and ever-growing world that is the energy sector. His previous internships in the water- and environmental-related engineering sectors and research with Webber Energy Group are at the junction of the "Water-Energy Nexus", the concept that water and energy are interrelated. He hopes to work around this concept at a higher level, working as a mechanical, civil, environmental, water resources, or petroleum engineer in the energy sector.

When Nick is not obsessing over energy, he enjoys spending his time playing tennis, guitar, and bass; singing; listening to indie-alternative music on repeat; hiking; going to concerts; and flying his drone. He was born in Austin, Texas, and grew up only 30 miles away in Georgetown, Texas, only to come back to the Live Music Capital of the World once more for university. Chicago is a nice change of pace for him; the weather is a *little* different than that of Austin, but he’ll be able to handle the blistering winters as long as he has the right snow shoes and heavy coat…